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5149Re: help required with another tattoo!!!

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  • worldofbob2001
    Jan 10, 2006
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      > Hello,
      > well, it shouldn't though the first underdot in the 3rd word (rise)
      > should be more centered under the main tengwa (that reminds kinda an
      > arabic numeral 6). Actually, all signs (dots, accute accents, triple
      > dots etc.) have to be centered regarding the tengwa they are under or
      > above it. Also, the S-hook in _flames_ sould be modified since the
      > tengwa for M in _flames_ differs in the italic style.
      > Here is my suggestion:
      > http://groups.yahoo.com/group/elfscript/files/calwen76/Robert_italic.gif
      > Lucy

      Will try my best to alter it but hopeful it should be ok I can alway
      ask the tattooist to change it for me. Thanks very very much for your
      help. You have saved me hours and have allowed me to get the tattoo I
      want and not look like a moron cause it's wrong.

      One last question. I have been reading the books again and i now
      notice that the inscription on the ring on seperates the tengwar where
      there is punctuation otherwise it remian as one long string of text.
      Would this be the correct way to represent it?
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