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5128Re: help required with another tattoo!!!

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  • calwen76
    Jan 4, 2006
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      --- In elfscript@yahoogroups.com, "worldofbob2001"
      <worldofbob2001@y...> wrote:
      >> `B yj%° 78%Ê qJ w#r^È @ ejt#È+ 2{ w`V `C rzG1t% 5`N jx^{6R
      >> and
      >> `B yj%° 78%Ê qJ w#r^È @ ejt#È+ 2È{ w`V `C
      >> rzG1t% 5`N jx^{È6
      > Are both these transcriptions basically correct for the text?

      No, the first one is not transcribed correctly, unlike the latter one.

      I'll try to draw a difference between those two by English:

      The first one reads: "I will rize up above the flames and be a victim
      no longair." (it is not literally so with the word "longair" but
      approximately designed for this purpose of distinction), and the
      second one reads: "I will rise up above the flames and be a victim no
      longer." So, I think there is no hard decision to make...


      One more thing: the transcriber makes obvious mistakes that we who
      are more familiar with Tengwar can quite easily find and since we are
      using our brain cells (:]) we are able to deduce what is the
      transcription supposed to say... so it is not like that the
      transcriber didn't do many errors, rather on the contrary.
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