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5126Re: help required with another tattoo!!!

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  • calwen76
    Jan 4, 2006
      --- In elfscript@yahoogroups.com, "balroghead" wrote:

      > I also decided to have it in Quenya written in Tengwar.

      That's the reason why you haven't yet received your answer. Since
      Robert wants just a transcription because he's used an English
      sentence, it was much easier and "quicker" to answer him first. This
      group concerns writing systems, many of its members have no (or very
      small) knowledge of Professor's languages (I myself have a very
      little knowledge of Quenya). That's why I'm actually not able to help
      back concerning the Quenya (translation from English -> Quenya) and
      that means that the transcription itself might be in principle
      incorrect in case the translation is incorrect. Do you get my
      point? :)

      > I *think* I have it right when I say :
      > i rína ar morna quén
      > or
      > i rína morna quén ( without the "THE" ).

      Well, I'm not much familiar with Quenya but I still can see the
      definite article THE in the lattest sentence (_i_) but it lacks the
      conjuction AND (_ar_). It may be just a slip from your part, huh? :)
      On the other hand, Tolkien gives us _Moriquendi_ as 'The Dark Elves',
      literally 'The Dark Ones' and if one supposes to make a singular of
      this, which would in English yield 'The Dark One', it would BMVHO be
      *_moriquen_ in Quenya. Concerning the translation, I would rather
      recommend to contact the Elfling group:

      > Of course, I could be TOTALLY wrong.
      > Also, I'm not sure about the transcription tool I'm using, but I
      > think this is how you would print it:

      > http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v432/xipetotec1/tengpic.jpg

      Well, here I can give my two cents...

      If you're transcribing a Quenya sentence then you have to use
      Quenya "mode" on the tengscriber. Well, I think there is no need to
      glut you with information about how the Tengwar works, so here are
      the "codes" you can copy & paste into your word editor and change the
      font to a Tengwar font:

      5^,F 'family' _nosse_
      `B 7~B5# `C6 t^65# z~V5 'the crowned and dark one' _i rína ar morna
      quén_ (for omitting the AND _ar_, just withdraw the `C6).

      But since I am not sure about the Quenya sentence I'd rather
      recommend to wait for some Elfling help.

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