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5124Re: DTS 15: Old Norse tengwar?

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  • j_mach_wust
    Jan 4, 2006
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      Arden R. Smith wrote:
      > Christopher Tolkien actually
      > *states* that it's Old Norse in *both* editions of _Pictures by
      > J.R.R. Tolkien_.

      Thanks for pointing that out. It would have been rather strange to me
      if this hadn't been stated before. I wish I'd had made a little more
      fotocopies when I borrowed the Pictures...

      > > I don't see
      > > however how this fits into the context of the Lord of the Rings,
      > > where Old English makes sense since it has been used as a
      > > "translation" of the Rohirrims' language, but Old Norse?
      > Who says that it *has* to fit into the context of _The Lord of the
      > Rings_? Tolkien did all sorts of random doodling. He doodled in
      > Latin. He doodled in Gothic. Why wouldn't he doodle in Old Norse?
      > As for the Old English _Stanburg_, that isn't even what the Rohirrim
      > normally called Minas Tirith; they called it Mundburg.

      Of course there's no need at all for it to make sense, but it's a nice
      thing to speculate on the assumption that it would.

      j. 'mach' wust
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