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5120Re: help required with another tattoo!!!

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  • balroghead
    Jan 3, 2006
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      I think its great to see a kindred spirit tattoo enthusiast. As you
      may have seen I posted my own questions just before yours. Not
      really sure why I didn't get any answers :) ... but anyway, maybe it
      was my uncertainty.

      That being said. I myself am going for "the crowned and dark one"
      OR "the crowned dark one" ... sounds evil right? Except it's the
      meanings of mine and my wife's name. I also decided to have it in
      Quenya written in Tengwar.

      I *think* I have it right when I say :
      i rína ar morna quén
      i rína morna quén ( without the "THE" ).

      Of course, I could be TOTALLY wrong.
      Also, I'm not sure about the transcription tool I'm using, but I
      think this is how you would print it:

      My Tengwar Translation? </a>

      --- In elfscript@yahoogroups.com, "worldofbob2001"
      <worldofbob2001@y...> wrote:
      > Sorry for posting so many time. Espeacially if you get these in
      > email!!!
      > Jut though I'd exlpain a little further the meaning behind the
      > i choose. although it may bore most i belive that phrases such as
      > are pointless without true meaning behind them and tattoos are even
      > more pointless if they don't have some meaning to the person that
      > them.
      > "i will rise up above the flames and be a victim no longer"
      > Basically I have been through a hard time over the last 7 months.
      > all started wieith splitting my girlfrnd of 6 years and i went of
      > rails a little, lost my job and had to return home to Ireland (i
      > living in wales). This was when I decided to get my first tattoos
      > before I left wales. One was of a 8 point compass like design on my
      > right forearm. this was to represnt the choices now ahead of me
      and is
      > in a position that I am always reminded of the fact that you are
      > without choice. The second was the aforementioned dragon. I always
      > meant for it to be surrounded by flame at some point but couldn't
      > out a good way to terminate the flame above my elbow so it wasn;t
      > appearing from nowhere. This is when I thought that maybe a tribal
      > band would be a good choice but was relucent because, lets face it,
      > everyone has one.
      > Then while watching fellowship one day I noticed how beautifully
      > suited to a band the script inside the ring was. This is when I
      > of the phrase to represent a defiance I have now aquired to stop
      > felling sorry for myself in any situation. So as you can see the
      > phrase sums things up quite well and as I hope you'll agree looks
      > beautiful in script.
      > Robert
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