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5092Re: [elfscript] Re: Happy New Year Elf Script v3

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  • Dave
    Jan 1, 2006
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      From: "David J. Finnamore" <daeron@...>
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      Subject: [elfscript] Re: Happy New Year Elf Script v3

      --- In elfscript@yahoogroups.com, "j_mach_wust" <j_mach_wust@y...> wrote:
      > First of all, what I'm most uncomfortable with is that you still are
      > using yanta and ├║re for following -i/-y and -u/-w, while Tolkien has
      > used anna and vala.

      That was per Kyrmse's recommendation, which I thought you had said was

      <<<Yes, but his proposal is for a phonemic _full_ mode as far as I can tell,
      not a tehta mode. For tehta modes, it's probably better to rely on DTS 39,
      where the "ai" in "praise" is spelled with e-tehta on top of anna (I think
      this is what J. Mach Wust was referring to with regard to -i/-y), or maybe
      DTS 37 ("lay"), though that sample strikes me as somewhat less phonemic (?).

      As for -u/-w, I think we can only extrapolate from more or less orthographic
      samples such as DTS 5 and 10 (the second greeting).

      Hm Hoom, I'm sure J. Mach Wust will have something more to say...

      Happy New Year!>>>

      Apparently, Kyrmse doesn't share
      the opinion that we have insufficient knowledge to devise a usable
      phonemic tehtar mode for English, since he bothered to propose one.

      <<<Where? I'm just curious. All I could find where phonemic and orthographic
      _full_ modes...>>>

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