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5016Re: Another Tengwar Crack

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  • calwen76
    Nov 2, 2005
      --- In elfscript@yahoogroups.com, "j_mach_wust" <j_mach_wust@y...>
      > ...
      > As always, a very good transcription.

      Thank you, still no mistakeless though ... See the version 2.0 at the
      same link.

      > The only "mistake" I've found is the (first) u of _surround_ which
      > you've transcribed as if it were a silent e.

      Yeah, that's because I thought I could transcribe a silent U the same
      way as a silent E but obviously, it is not AFAIK attested, right? The
      same goes for the "silent" A in _deliverance_.

      > I'd also rather transcribe the plural ending -s of _cries_ with an
      > s-hook, not with silme (esse is preferable to silme anyway), since
      > all occurences of plural -s are transcribed with the hook, if I
      > remember correctly.

      Hum, correct(ed).

      > Minor lapses are the use of rómen instead of óre in _lord_

      Ayayay, these Rs drive me crazy...

      > and the ommission of the a in _deliverance_.

      See above.

      > Possible variants would be a use of short carriers in the
      > transcriptions of _my_ (or long carriers in the transcriptions of
      > _o_, _me_, _into_),

      I see your point (which is I suppose the length of a spelled vowel).
      It's more about my personal taste of distinguishing vowels and
      diphthongs... On the other hand, Tolkien himself transcribed _O_ (as
      a sigh) in a full mode as a twist over úre, maybe it could be done so
      here as well (I left this unrevised yet in the version 2.0), or fully
      transcribe _Oh_??

      > a use of esse nuquerna instead of esse in _gaze_,

      I don't remember what transcription I made it was exactly but since
      then (probably because someone here told me) I use silme / esse when
      there is a tehta to be transcribed above the tengwa but it is of
      course possible that I got it all wrong :)

      > anto instead of súle in _with_ (a variant which Tolkien
      > seemingly preferred),

      Oh, really? Didn't know that. What is the DTS?

      Anyway, thanks a lot for your points - very helpful indeed!

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