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5014Re: Another Tengwar Crack

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  • hisilome
    Nov 1, 2005
      j. 'mach' wust wrote:

      > a transcription of the e in _cries_ with yanta instead of
      > a seperate e-tehta

      <<<What exactly do you mean here? i-tehta on short carrier plus yanta,
      or i-tehta on top of yanta? Where would either usage be attested? (I-
      tehta on top of yanta maybe based on analogy to the spelling of "ae" in
      the Michael Endorion dedication?)

      In DTS 5, Tolkien spelled "ie" in his own family name with i-tehta on
      short carrier plus "seperate" e-tetha on the following consonant, just
      as Lucy did. True, the "ie" in _Tolkien_ is pronounced differently from
      the one in _cries_, yet we're dealing with predominantly orthographic
      spelling here, anyway...>>>


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