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4946Re: spelling of diphthongs (again)

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  • j_mach_wust
    Oct 4 7:47 AM
      Dave Hisilome wrote:
      > --- In elfscript@yahoogroups.com, "j_mach_wust" <j_mach_wust@y...>
      > > What messes things up is the transcription into Latin
      > > letters that doesn't represent all the yanta letters in the same
      > > way: Initial yanta is represented by i, but
      > > second-part-of-diphthong yanta is represented by e. Don't tell me
      > > these are different sounds. The /j/ in the word yes isn't
      > > identical to the /j/ in the word boy either.
      > <<<<<No, of course they are different.>>>>>
      > <<<<<Yes, but _ai_ and _ui_ are spelled with anna. And I don't know
      > if the second part of _ae_ and _ai_ are indeed identical to initial
      > yanta as in _iorhael_ etc. Aren't the second sounds, the "glides",
      > in all the four above diphthongs all rather similar to the sound
      > represented by "y" in "boy", since you bring up that example?
      > Tolkien himself somewhere stated, I think, that the difference
      > between _ae_ and _ai_ in Sindarin was rather small. So why use anna
      > in _ai_ and _ui_ and not yanta as well?

      However small these differences are or not, they are significative.
      Sindarin /ae/ and /ai/ are different phonemes, since a minimal pair of
      words may differ only in this sound (I don't know whether we know
      acual minimal pairs).

      > I don't think the second
      > parts of _ai, ui_ correspond anymore to the "j" in "yes" (and thus
      > the initial sound of _iorhael_) than the second parts of _ae, oe_,
      > so Sindarin spelling is inconsistent in itself, not only in its
      > Romanization.
      > So: if "boY" is different from "Yes" (which it is), and _Iorhael_ is
      > identical to "Yes" (which it is), then I think _oE, aE_ cannot be
      > the same as "Iorhael".

      However, they actually are the same in DTS 49.

      In "top-bottom" modes, any letter that is used for initial glides is
      also used as a second element of diphthong.

      j. 'mach' wust
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