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4940ÈÝìá: [elfscript] Re: Would you help me with me elvish tatoo??

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  • calwen76
    Oct 3, 2005
      --- In elfscript@yahoogroups.com, Palatinus <elfiness@y...> wrote:

      Hello Gildor - have changed your nick? ;),
      > I havent been concerned with Tengwar for many months
      > but I think you are wrong here. I dont remember seeing
      > w written with Vala, especially in Quenya

      you're right, hasty me...

      > > And, one little note in the end: there is no
      > > "Sindarin mode" or "Quenya
      > > mode", the modes are only "full mode" (the Sindarin
      > > 'Moria Gate
      > > inscription' is an example) or "tehtar mode" (the
      > > Quenya 'Namárie' or
      > > Sindarin 'King's Letter, version III' are the
      > > examples).
      > of course there are Sindarin and Quenya modes. In
      > Sindarin modes for example, Ando is d, while in Quenya
      > it's nd

      I can't recall this correctly but I think we've discussed this before
      that we should call a "mode" only the difference between full and
      tehtar way of trascribing. If this is not true anymore...


      P.S. So the Quenya "code" would be then `B3GjnR5
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