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4935Would you help me with me elvish tatoo??

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  • pikachuinef
    Sep 29, 2005
      Hi everyone!!

      I´m spanish, from Madrid, and I´m looking for the most correct way to
      write "Isilwen" (Moon Lady or Maid of the Moon) in tengwar for my
      tatoo, and I´ve been said too many ways for it. Specially because the
      question of using Silme or Sule when translating "s" of Isilwen, and
      the representation of "w".

      In other forums they told me to use the codes iTjTy5$ (for Sindarin
      mode) and `B3TjnR5 (for Quenya mode) and then transcribe them into
      tengwar fonts in Microsoft Word. Are they right? You know, I want mi
      tatoo to say what exactly I want it says!!

      Could you help me please?? Thanks you very much!!
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