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4826Re: The Elvish word for brother

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  • laurifindil
    Jul 12, 2005
      --- In elfscript@yahoogroups.com, "Helge K. Fauskanger"
      <helge.fauskanger@n...> wrote:
      > I wrote:
      > > In Sindarin, _Henair uirib_ could express "eternal brothers".
      > "Laurifindil" (hello, Ed!) predictably responded:
      > > No, no. Not in Sindarin... In Helgian Mish-Mash Neo-Sindarin
      > I wonder why I even bother to reply, and I've been in no haste to
      do so,
      > but here goes:

      <snip stuff>

      I know why... but I won't tell. It is not very proper.

      Poor Helge...

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