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4824Θέμα: Re: [elfscript] Re: The Elvish w ord for brother

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  • Gildor Inglorion
    Jul 11, 2005
      > offered. If you feel
      > that direct Tolkienian authorship is the sole factor
      > that can ever save any
      > combination of Eldarin words from the status of
      > "mish-mash", you are of
      > course entitled to your opinion. But then we can

      I think Ed's position is more abstract, without having
      always some particular counter-reason to object.
      According to this, anything not attested is bound to
      be neo-Sindarin mish-mash without having an
      alternative for everything

      Think about this: some years ago, we had the
      neo-Sindarin word for name 'ess', based on Q esse. I
      don't remember Ed writing anything in particular
      against it, but he could, even without knowing the
      word eneth yet. What then? we could ask him if he has
      any alternatives, of course he wouldn't have, and we
      could remind to him how many S words are like their Q
      counterparts lacking the final vowel (of course,
      provided that the rest of phonology fits), the word
      'estathar' that points to a root ES (and not, say,
      **GES, causing it to be **gess), present cases where
      'ss' has been retained in both languages and hasn't
      been simplified in S as one 's'. Everything pointed to
      'ess', and Ed could not argue against it, apart from
      reminding that this is neo-Sindarin, but guess what,
      this failed.

      I can also remember the rule to which we hold since
      years, that adjectives are lenited, but Thornsten had
      just to simply point out all the attested cases, and
      they weren't more than the exceptions (eg. Ered
      Mithrin), posing then the question how could we
      establish such a rule.

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