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4823Re: [elfscript] Is this right????

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  • Helge K. Fauskanger
    Jul 11, 2005
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      kurganbluesntrouble wrote:

      > Before I make a complete ass of myself and get a tattoo of something
      I've translated and transcribed myself,can some kind person please tell me
      if I have got it right? I wish to translate Lorna, my heart, my life, my

      > Lorna, órenya, cuilënya, alassënya

      Well, the letter spelling "e" should be "ë" only at the end of words (hence
      _cuilenya, alassenya_ because an ending follows so that the -e- is not
      final), but this is only a trivial matter of transcription.

      Your wording seems correct as far as grammar goes, but I'd go for _endanya_
      instead of _órenya_ for "my heart". Sometimes Tolkien did translate _órë_
      as "heart" or "inner mind", but the word has more specific meanings as
      well. _Enda_ is a more neutral term for "heart" (not the physical
      blood-pump, which is _hón_, but the symbolic "heart" that really refers to
      a person's mind).

      - HKF
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