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4807Re: Re: Θέμα: Re: [elfscript] Re: The Elvish word for brother

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  • finsen@optusnet.com.au
    Jul 4 3:29 PM
      > > Btw Peter I am surprised that you use 'the latter the
      > > better' logic. Most people of.. uhm.. your alignment,
      > > tend to be against this policy, since there is no
      > > 'mature Quenya' and 'immature Qenya' like Helge used
      > > to say, and the language is ONE entity.
      > For starters, the name is Patrick, not Peter! Hmm, then
      > again, maybe I should go with the latter: "and on this
      > Rock I will build my School of Tolkienian Linguistics..."
      > ;-)

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