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  • Patrick Wynne
    Jul 4, 2005
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      On Jul 4, 2005, at 2:11 AM, Gildor Inglorion wrote:

      > Btw Peter I am surprised that you use 'the latter the
      > better' logic. Most people of.. uhm.. your alignment,
      > tend to be against this policy, since there is no
      > 'mature Quenya' and 'immature Qenya' like Helge used
      > to say, and the language is ONE entity.

      For starters, the name is Patrick, not Peter! Hmm, then
      again, maybe I should go with the latter: "and on this
      Rock I will build my School of Tolkienian Linguistics..."

      "Later" is not, of course, "better" in Tolkienian linguistics,
      "later" is merely "later" (I personaly find ALL the external
      chronological stages of Tolkien's languages of great
      interest). Yes, Q(u)enya is "one entity" in that Tolkien's
      writings from 1915 until his death show a constantly
      changing and evolving _continuum_ of concepts --
      but this of course does not mean that the later stages
      of that continuum do not exhibit features drastically
      different from the earlier stages. And when somebody
      wishes to compose an inscription in the style of Quenya
      as seen in _The Lord of the Rings_ (as is presumably
      the case with Mr. Varn), they would do well to bypass
      forms pre-dating LotR in favor of forms post-dating it,
      as the latter are more likely to be in stylistic accord with
      the published text. Similarly, somebody desiring to
      compose an inscription in the style of Qenya as seen
      in _The Book of Lost Tales_ would be wise to derive
      their vocabulary from the contemporary Qenya Lexicon
      rather than from the _Etymologies_ or _Quendi and

      -- Patrick H. Wynne

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