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4799Re: The Elvish word for brother

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  • Mel
    Jul 3, 2005
      He *did* find some words - he sent them through. He wrote in asking
      for help. I didn't see anyone offer help, though. Just criticism.

      --- In elfscript@yahoogroups.com, Patrick Wynne <pwynne@g...> wrote:
      > On Jul 2, 2005 Hansel Varn wrote, re various Quenya and
      > Sindarin words for 'brother':
      > > but I don't know which is what. I assume Q is Quenya
      > > and S Sindarin
      > >
      > > Does it matter? I am bad at languages(failed German
      > > oh so many times in high school) I am guessing that
      > > Quenya is what is most common and used by the elves of
      > > the LOTR trilogy. I may be wrong of course.
      > I have to ask: why, if your interest in Tolkien's languages
      > is so minimal, do you want to have "Brothers Forever"
      > permanently embossed on your body _in Elvish_? I think
      > the sentiment you and your brother want to express is
      > touching, but why not express it in your native language?
      > Wouldn't that be more meaningful and less faddish?
      > </voice of reason>
      > If you and your brother are determined to go with an Elvish
      > inscription, the very latest (c. 1968) attested Quenya word
      > for 'brother' found in Tolkien's published writings is _háno_
      > (VT47:14, n. 22), which also had an affectionate form _hanno_
      > (VT47:12). The Q. word for 'for ever' in the contemporary text
      > _Cirion and Eorl_ is _tennoio_ (UT:305). So 'Brothers Forever'
      > might be rendered in neo-Quenya as *_Hánor Tennoio_ or
      > *_Hannor Tennoio_.
      > I'll leave it to others more knowledgeabe to tell you how
      > to render that in the standard _tengwar_ fonts (or to
      > propose a rendering in neo-Sindarin).
      > -- Patrick H. Wynne
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