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4780Re: ÈÝìá: [elfscript] Tengwar and Slavic languages

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  • melroch@melroch.se
    Jun 15, 2005
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      Citerar i_degilbor <Uialdil_i_degilbor@...>:

      > I came across a tengwar mode devised by a Bulgarian Tolkien fan for
      > Old Church Slavonic. It's a full-writing mode. Slavic languages are
      > not my forte, but the assignment of the tengwar looks pretty logical,
      > with one exception: the use of esse nuquerna for izhitsa bothers me.
      > But since izhitsa is such a seldom used letter, I can overlook that. I
      > copied the mode using the appropriate fonts. It can be found here:

      The use of Anna for 'o' in a mode otherwise using the kalmatéma for palatals is
      somewhat bothering for me! I'm not exactly sure how I would do, though. And I
      would use Wilya without stem for hard jer; after all it WAS a full vowel in

      BTW I'm rethinking my Slavic tehtya mode(s) ATM. More later.

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