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4776Θέμα: [elfscript] Tengwar and Slavic lan guages

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  • Gildor Inglorion
    Jun 13, 2005
      > I have been dabbling in Slavic historical
      > linguistics recently, and as
      > a matter of course I've been trying to write those
      > languages with
      > Tengwar. I am aware that there are other modes for
      > most of the modern
      > languages -- it's more like I'm speculating what
      > things would look
      > like if there had been a Tengwar mode for Old Church
      > Slavic, and how
      > things may develop from there...

      In Gwiath, i-degilbor has made an Ave Maria
      transcription with an old church slavonic looking
      tengwar font of his devision...

      oh, your link isnt working :(
      > <http://eowine.superihost.com/images/chlovjeku.gif>
      > /Melroch

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