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  • calwen76
    Jun 5, 2005
      --- In elfscript@yahoogroups.com, "rajivsethumadhavan"
      <rajivsethumadhavan@y...> wrote:
      > Hi..
      Hello and welcome,

      > However, i have been told that, simply typing
      > the alphabets of my name in say MS Word, after selecting the font
      > as Tengwar Cursive is not the correct way of going about this.

      The person who had told you this was correct.

      > The questions i have are:
      > 1) Should i first translate my name (rajiv)into Quenya or Sindarin
      > and then key in the alphabets of the translated word into MS Word
      > with the font as Tengwar Cursive and then use the outoput text?

      You don't need to translate your name - actually, it is much better
      not to do so since you probably wouldn't get an exact and correct
      Quenya or Sindarin translation.

      > OR
      > 2)Is it correct if i key in the alphabets of my names as in english
      > (rajiv) into MS Word with the font as Tengwas Cursive and then use
      > the output text?

      It's the same as you would type the letters yourself. Here is the
      link to a .zip file where you can find a .pdf keyboard:

      If you wouldn't be able to do it yourself, here is the instruction -
      type these keys into your Word Editor (either in the Tengwar Font
      directly or in a Latin font and then turning it to the Tengwar font):


      (it is possible that there is another sign on the key 3 on your
      keyboard, so to have the A, press 'shift 3').

      I suppose that your name is *pronounced* as [radzhif]:
      R as in English ROCK
      A as in English LUCK
      J as in English JACK
      I as in English HIT*
      V as in English FIT

      That's also why I used the F Tengwar sign (formen) in the end and
      anga for J (as in English).

      *I don't know whether the I in your name in not long (i.e. as in
      English HEAT), then it would be: 7s#~Be

      Hope this helps.
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