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4720just a small request

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  • Ling Flygirl
    Apr 4, 2005
      Hey all,

      Longtime lurker here... I'm about to have an english phrase tattoed on me in
      Tengwar... I've spent an awful lot of time on it and finally after several
      failed attempts failed typing with the fonts I used one of the online
      transcribers and went back through it phonetically just to make sure it was
      what I wanted... I just want to know if anyone would be willing to double
      check it for me... I had originally wanted to translate the phrase into
      Quenya but due to the lack of vocabulary we know the words for and the
      somewhat repetitve nuances of the phrase I chose, I was unable to do so and
      settle on doing an emglish into Tengwar, so, in short, I just want it
      double-checked before it goes on me permanently.

      Thanks ever so much!

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