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4718Re: Name translation

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  • j_mach_wust
    Apr 2, 2005
      --- In elfscript@yahoogroups.com, "Raewen Silverfang"
      <burnt_cupcake@h...> wrote:
      > First off, I never said that as soon as I had approval from one
      > person on this message board I was going to run out and get this
      > tattooed. I'm doing my research, looking through different sources,
      > and not necessarily going on what I've read from one person's web
      > site. I'd be an idiot to run out and get it tattooed as soon as
      > someone on the internet that I've never talked to before writes "Yep,
      > looks good!". I understand where you're coming from but I came here
      > seeking help, not condescending attacks.

      I'm sorry you've stepped on him; unfortunately, he does that from time
      to time.

      To work out a translation, you may get more help on
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/elfling/ since this list is only about
      the scripts (theoretically), not about the languages - so you will be
      more on-topic once you've chosen a precise wording and work on the
      transcription into Elvish script. As I don't know much about Elvish
      languages, I use to advise to transcribe rather an English language
      sentence than an Elvish language sentence.

      j. 'mach' wust
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