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  • laurifindil
    Apr 1, 2005
      --- In elfscript@yahoogroups.com, "Raewen Silverfang" <burnt_cupcake@h...>
      > I'm just double-checking to make sure I've got my English first and
      > middle names correctly translated in Sindarin as I plan to have this
      > tattooed. My English name is Christina Marie and translated I came up
      > with Elpinoine Nilde. Correct or have I made a mistake? Any help is
      > much appreciated!

      Do you really beleive that Tolkien sat behind his desk and "translated" or "adatpted"
      the entire list of thousand English Names and Surnames into his languages you ahve
      seen ?

      Would you beleive if a dude on the street would approch you and say :

      -- Hey babe, I know all the English names as they are in Elvish. Yea, the true Elvish
      made up by Tolkien. I speak it alla right ! Here take my list it is a good one. And I
      know every thing about Elvish, just ask me!

      Would you beleive the dude ?

      How come that you beleive a thing just because a dude on Internet has written about
      an Elvish name "Elpinoine Nilde".

      Try to think... Could it be that no one have ever published a book about Tolkien's
      Elvish names yet ? Are those who answer me more informed about Elvish that me ?
      Could it be that they just "kinds" toying and playing a game with me (like "pretending
      they know Elvish as good as I know English) ? Could it be ?

      Try, and then tatoo anything you like on any part of you body you think is best.

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