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4675Newbe transcription problem

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  • pengrons_friend
    Mar 18, 2005
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      Hi- I'm a new member who's having some difficulty with finding out
      where I'm going wrong with a sentence that(I think)I've translated
      and recently tried to write in (sindarin) Tengwar. I found this group
      after accidentallly posting in Elfling(I hope they're not angry at
      me!), and I was hoping to find the right help here.

      The sentence (in English) is:

      "Until next we meet may you find peace and have sweet dreams, my

      Which I have translated as closely as I could as:

      "Nan lû I agovaded vîn no gerich nen hîdh a garo elei vaer guren

      (An actual translation of "To the time of our meeting be you in peace
      and have good dreams, my friend").

      Basically I transcribed the sentence myself using a Daniel
      Smith "standard mode" Sindarin chart, but I get a very diferent
      result from Tengscribe.

      The character string that represents what I get in Tengscribe (using
      Sindarin mode, arial source font, and Tengwar Sindarin-1 in the
      target pane) is as follows;

      6]6 j.F ` ]shr]2l2 r`V6 6h sl7`d 6l6 9` V4 ] s]7h ljlÕ r]Ỷ7 s.7l6

      The character string that represents what I *think* I should have is:

      55pj`p `psr22 pr5p 5`ps7dp55p 94p`ps7`p j``pr6ps75ptjjt

      I know that the Tehtar are not displayed in these examples- I think i
      know the technical hitch causing that and I'm not too worried about
      it, I'll add them in by hand maybe- unless it's the source of my
      problem...is it?? Am I using tenscribe incorrectly? Or am i just
      completely wrong in my own attempt at the transcription (let alone

      I'd greatly appreciate anyone's help here.

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