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  • Gildor Inglorion
    Mar 17, 2005
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      Appendix E is a bit complicated... even today i cannot
      fully understand it, unless i keep notes and then
      refer to them

      imagine a book saying 'George was born after Nicolas,
      but between, the War begun'... the secondary sources
      try to make it clearer and say 'Nicolas was born, then
      the War began, and George was born'

      i understand what you say about the links, however the
      latter (Tengwar Primers) is just a practical and more
      presentable interpretation of the App. E

      > it? I simply won't propose to a BEGINNER to start on
      > the net when
      > there is a PRIMERY source. If the beginner doesn't
      > understand some
      > features after the study of the Appendix E (or/and
      > other PRIMERY
      > sources), there are other steps: to ask here for
      > help directly or to
      > ask/search for the links.
      > I like the sources you've mentioned above but they
      > have been and will
      > be secondary sources.
      > Hope you got my point. :)

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