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4559Please review my translation

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  • randytamayo
    Jan 6, 2005

      A new guy here...

      I came to this list after being redirected from elfling...

      I did my research and came up with this translation for a couple of
      rings im going to have made...

      For Tina:
      "Randy my love, my soul, my life."
      _Randy melmenya, fëanya, cuilenya_

      For Randy:
      "Tina my love, my soul, my life."
      _Tina melmenya, fëanya, cuilenya_

      I was looking at something similar to the 'stephen and juli wedding
      ring' - http://www.elvish.org/gwaith/weddingrings.htm :


      And using TengScribe, Ive come up with this:
      (1st line is for Tina, 2nd line is for Randy)

      I tried Tengscribe with the Juli inscription and it returns
      something similar - using Tengwar Sindarin font - except that the one
      used on the Juli ring is a little more cursive than the one from
      tengscribe (maybe i have a different font in my computer)...and the
      initial character of Juli's name is different from the result of

      May I please ask for your comments on the translation - are they
      correct? And is the script (in the image) even close?

      Thank you so very much.
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