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4558Re: [elfscript] translation

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  • Helge K. Fauskanger
    Jan 6, 2005
      > Hello , i am new to this site... I am wondering if anyone can translate
      two phrases 1)"A ray" as in a ray of light, and the phrase "Blessed be"
      into high elven "Quenya" I am quite confused about how to do this.

      Ray of light: _Alca_.

      "Blessed be": There are several possibilities. "Be" should apparently be
      _na_. For "blessed" there are almost too many alternatives, including
      _aistana_, _laitana_, _almárea_, _herenya_, _alya_, _mána_ or
      _manna_...with certain shades of meaning distinguishing them, we must
      assume. Please refer to my Ardalambion wordlists to study alternative
      glosses that may help you find the shade of meaning you want.

      And is your next question how to spell this in Tengwar?

      - HKF
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