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4538Re: [elfscript] translation

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  • Gildor Inglorion
    Jan 3, 2005
      look for ardalambion online where you will find both
      grammar/lessons and vocabularies.. the old address was
      www.ardalambion.com but it doesnt work now.. ust
      google it and you should find the exact address

      as for your phrases, just a vocabulary will suffice..
      only that you shouldn't look for the article 'a' in
      Quenya since it doesn't exist... to say 'a ray' you
      just say 'ray'

      > Hello , i am new to this site... I am wondering if
      > anyone can translate two phrases 1)"A ray" as in a
      > ray of light, and the phrase "Blessed be" into high
      > elven "Quenya" I am quite confused about how to do
      > this. Also can anyone recommend a book that helps
      > with translations and learning the Tolkien
      > languages? Blessings,~ Stacey

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