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4494R: [elfscript] Re: New file added : is it correct?

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  • Fradeve Virgilio
    Dec 12, 2004
      >--- In elfscript@yahoogroups.com, "Fradeve Virgilio" <fradeve11@v...>
      >Replying to Calwen76:
      >> The "Grelvish" text that I'm translating in tengwar is not a my
      >>creation. I'm only doing a favour to my girlfriend, that needs help
      >>with the tengwar transcription. I've studied Quenya, not Sindarin, so
      >>I don't know exactly in which way the phrase
      >>_Aa' I elin thilio ui erin le, ar I sul dregi im fin llie brannon en
      >>must be representative of Grelvish or other depreciable languages.
      >>So, starting from my personal point of view, I will more appreciate
      >>someone who will underlines where and what are the errors, than a
      >>simply and corrosive verdict. Probably my girlfriend will think right
      >Hm, so if it's not your creation how can you say it is a "Sindarin"
      >My comments:
      >1) this group concerns the scripts, not the languages (it's better to
      >go to the Elfling group to look for help)
      >2) to be more specific, as you wished me to be, in Sindarin, e.g. the
      >_Aa'_ cluster is not possible, as well as the initial cluster _ll_ in
      >_llie_ : this language is called Grelvish and thus I can't help you
      >with the translation since I don't know Grelvish as well as I think
      >none here (and either on Elfling group) is willing to help you with
      >correcting such text. You missed my point though. :-/
      >To Dave: I don't understand you, Dave, why are you doing this? :-(

      Answering to Calwen76:

      Now, I've very appreciated your explaining. I think it's better than your
      behaviour before this last post.
      I've said that it was a "Sindarin" text only because I supposed that my
      girlfriend had a little knowledge
      on this linguistic topic (but, however, now I'm thinking I'm wrong.).
      Was not my intention to start a linguistic dibate on this ML in wich it's
      quite OT, but I've started considering
      the tengwar side of the phrase, so anything was put out during this
      discussion was not my fault.
      I'll sent your response to the author of the phrase.
      I'm working on a correct version. so,



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