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4475Re: Additions and/or alterations to Tengwar Annatar

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  • Måns Björkman
    Dec 8, 2004
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      Hi! Just two suggestions to Tengwar Annatar that I have not seen
      anyone make yet.

      1) I believe the Elvish question mark (code point 192) differs
      slightly from the one in DTS 20. As I see it, the lower bow is more or
      less a semi-circle, its lower end turning left and meeting the stem on
      a straight angle (cf. my interpretation in Tengwar Parmaite).

      2) The "a" sign on code point 188 is realised as a shortened telco
      with a connecting bar. This, I assume, is based on DTS 17, as in Dan
      Smith's fonts. But in DTS 18 and 23, a character closely similar both
      in shape and value seems to be based on a lúva covered by a connecting
      bar instead. I have assumed that this is the ordinary form of the
      letter, and used it in Tengwar Parmaite.


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