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4466R: [elfscript] Re: New file added : is it correct?

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  • Fradeve Virgilio
    Dec 5, 2004
      In elfscript@yahoogroups.com, "fradeve virgilio" <fradeve11@v...> wrote:

      >>The question of the _i_ looks more complicated. Like I've said, I don't
      know Sindarin, so the question of peculiar >>accentuation of the word is a
      problem for me. I will draw long or short carriers everywhere you will
      indicated me.
      >>So, on this topic, I ask you to be more clear!

      > [Well, for a discussion of this, you may want to read Elfscript messages
      4345-4349 and 4353.

      > If you want a straightforward recommendation though, I'd repeat what I
      wrote in message 4336, i.e. simply use short >carriers for all occurrences
      of _i_.

      > My _rationale_ for suggesting this would be a bit different now: it seems
      that in this mode (Mode of Beleriand) long >vs. short carriers do not
      indicate any distinct sounds, so there is no need to distinguish between
      them in writing (they >all stand for short _i_). Long _i_ (which
      incidentally does not occur in your calligraphy) can be indicated by an
      andaith >(acute accent) on top (as with the other vowels), _not_ with the
      help of long vs. short carrier.

      >(The dot that is occasionally seen on the I-tengwar (i.e. the long or
      short carrier) in this mode does not carry any >special phonetic
      significance, either. Rather, it just seems to "emphasize" the I-tengwar

      > The upshot is that it's really up to you: you can use only short or only
      long carriers, with or without dots, or even >mix them as you like (I
      personally would prefer consistent usage).

      > So, in other words, once you've corrected the spelling of _im_, _llie_
      and maybe _en_ (see message 4335), the spelling >will be fine.]

      > Hísilómë


      Now I’m completely satisfacted…
      You’ve been too exaurient explaining the point of situation (on the contrary
      of other people on this ML…): little pills of Sindarin!
      Much thanks, I’m going to prepare the scratch for a difinitive version!

      Fradeve Virgilio

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