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4449Additions and/or alterations to Tengwar Annatar

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  • Doug Pearson
    Nov 29, 2004
      Johan Winge posted regarding his Tengwar Annatar:

      > Is there anything more I should add? :-)

      I hesitate to ask for this, as it underscores my
      inherent laziness.

      In many modes, the English letter 'x' is expressed
      with quesse plus Dan Smith's "under-tail" [alt 0146].
      It would be nice for us lazy-bones to have this encoded
      as a single character. Is this even a possibility?

      Also, a question. According to the Dan Smith's pdf
      document showing his keymaps, the QWERTY keystroke '
      (which is just to the left of the <Enter> key) is
      supposed to produce a medium-width underbar. Also,
      the upper-case of the same key, ", is supposed to
      produce a wider underbar.

      However, in all of Dan Smith's fonts and all of the
      others that use his keymapping (including Annatar),
      these keystrokes produce two different widths of
      the "under-tail". The ' keystroke produces the
      same tehta which is identical with alt-0146.

      My problem with all of this is: How the heck am I
      supposed to get the medium-width underbar with these
      fonts? Could this be fixed somehow in Annatar?

      -- Doug Pearson
      (Tobold Hornblower)
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