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4206Re: Sarati Vowels

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  • darthjed88
    Oct 12, 2004
      > My knowledge of Sarati is quite limited but as far as I know, the
      > vowels are written beside (left or right) the sarat (unlike the
      > tehtar that are placed above - or under, to be precise - the
      > tengwar). It seems that long voewls can be placed either on a long
      > carrier or doubled and placed above (I think) an appropriate
      sarat. I
      > know nothing about the diphthongs.
      > Sorry, Lucy

      What I mean is, would they be written in sarati the same way as they
      are in tengwar. Would the ah sound be written with an a diacritic,
      the ehh with an e, the aiie with the ae, and so on?
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