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  • Turelie
    Oct 1, 2004
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      As this is essentially the same question you emailed me, I'm going
      to be lazy and paste part of my response here. ;)

      I am certainly not one to say my group is better than any other, but
      I am more than happy to tell you more about us. Quenya Study-Buddy
      is also an existing group, founded in Feb '04 and with about 50
      members. We are simply starting over because things died over the
      summer. Between internet problems, family emergencies, vacations,
      etc., we lost several members, but we at the same time we gained
      even more new ones that need to cover the basics. So I thought that
      it would be nice to extend an invitation to anyone else interested
      in doing the course.

      My own experience with quenya_study_group was basically that it did
      not suit my needs. I felt sort of lost in the shuffle and I felt
      like I was so far behind I would never catch up. That feeling is
      main reason we focus on a particular course of study and cater
      *specifically* to those new to Quenya. I would imagine we are still
      considerably smaller, and strive to know as many people as we can
      personally, as well as making it a fun place to be. Most of our
      communication to date is through y!m and group chat, or even one-on-
      one emails. It is my understanding that the group Quenya actually
      requires most of their posts to be in the language so it's clearly
      not for beginners.

      It is also interesting to note that QSB literally has it's roots in
      the elfling group. It is actually where I met the founding members.
      I posted a query seeking a buddy to study with and the individual
      response was overwhelming. So many people wanted to try it that I
      actually wound up creating the group so we would have a common place
      to post and chat.


      --- In elfscript@yahoogroups.com, "elimloth" <draco@s...> wrote:
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      > wrote:
      > > Hello all,
      > >
      > > I know some of you are just beginning your studies in Quenya, so
      > > would like to extend an invitation.[...] Quenya Study-Buddy was
      > designed with you in mind.
      > How is this new group different/better than the current
      > quenya_study_group or quenya?
      > E.
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