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4099Re: Fingolfin's Name in the Tengwar

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  • calwen76
    Sep 14, 2004
      --- In elfscript@yahoogroups.com, "lordofthenine9" <browe@m...> wrote:
      > im trying to translate and transcribe Fingolfin's name into the
      > tengwar script. i found on the english-quenya word list that his
      > name in quenya is Nolofinwë. when i transcribed it at
      > www.tengwar.art.pl/ott/english.php, it gave me the
      > letters/numbers/symbols 5jYeY5%y. is this correct? im using the
      > tengwar annatar font. let me know somebody please. thanks
      > brandon

      1. Fingolfin is a Sindarized form of Quenya/Old Noldorin _Finwë
      Ñolofinwë_ (the _N_ is with a wave, sg like soft _ng_ in EN _sing_).
      2. The transcriber is wrong - the transcription lacks the final _e_
      vowel and this more or less Quenya name is transcribed in a mode that
      is usually used for Sindarin.

      See this picture:


      -The first row shows the transcriber's work.
      -The second shows _Ñolofinwë_ in a mode that was used in the First
      Age, when this name was first used - see Silmarillion index, entry
      -this entry also reminds us another name that was Fingolfin called in
      Valinor: _Arakáno_, see the third row for the transcription.

      Finally, it is always better to spend little time to learn bit of
      Tengwar and write the name (or whatever you want to) down by yourself
      than to rely on transcribers. They are not trustworthy. We are open
      to help you, and to be honest, I do prefer and welcome to help folk's
      own endeavor, but it's but my problem, right? :)

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