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4081Difference in tengwa for english and quenya modes

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  • Estel
    Sep 6, 2004
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      I recently started practicing transcribing english into tengwar,
      using the mode for english. Then I remembered a phrase I translated
      a while back into quenya, and wanted to transcribe that aswell. So
      I printed off "Mellonath Daeron - Tengwar Guides - Per Lindberg's
      great guides to both Quenya and Sindarin Tengwar modes" and used the
      chart on the last page. Then I noticed that some of the letters are
      used for completely different sounds in the english mode...with
      reference to the chart of letters in the Tengwar Reader I - Rev.
      1.01. For example, Umbar is written for use as the letter 'b' in
      the Tengwar Reader I, Anga for 'j', calma for 'ch', ungwe for 'g'.
      These differences I can uderstand because they are very minor, but
      there are others that are completely different: hwesta for 'kh',
      unque for 'gh', vala for 'w', nwalme for 'ng', ampa for 'v'. Is
      there a reason for these differences, or are they mistakes, or are
      they correct.
      Please do enlighten me because I am now very confused and no longer
      confident in transcribing english OR quenya...
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