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4073Re: My name... :P

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  • laurifindil
    Sep 3, 2004
      --- In elfscript@yahoogroups.com, Anja Johansson <anjjo615@s...>
      > Hello again!
      > Thank you so much everyone for all the replies. :) Amazing!
      > Just one more question...or two. How exactly do we pronounce
      _noldo_? Is it really <nj>or is it the "ng"-sound in for
      instance "Boring"? I am a bit confused.
      > Also, is there a way of knowing if an elvish word, say "Arwen" is
      >pronounced with a thrilled r or not? I assume that Arwen has a
      >thrilled r, but what about Aragorn or Elrond? Are there grammar for
      >such things or do I just have to memorize everything? :P

      All r's in Tolkien Elvish are thrilled.

      Read LOTR, appendix E and F, thank you.

      > Hannon le!

      That sentence is NOT Tolkien-Elvish.

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