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4038Re: [elfscript] The spelling of RY

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  • Arden R. Smith
    Aug 14, 2004
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      On Aug 14, 2004, at 3:45 PM, Helge K. Fauskanger wrote:

      > All right, I see your point. So both _óre_ (#21) and _rómen_ (#25) may
      > be
      > combined with the Y-dots to produce a sign for _ry_? As far as I can
      > remember, the sole published example is the one I referred to the other
      > day: _rómen_ with underposed Y-dots in one (and only one) version of
      > the
      > Namárie transcript in RGEO.

      See the cover of VT #8 for an example with _óre_ (and dots above the
      tengwa). Granted, this is not a facsimile of Tolkien's calligraphy,
      but this particular form of the letter _arya_ does appear the source

      A calligraphic excerpt from _Namárie_, dated 5/2/1966, which appears in
      the M. Hime auction catalogue, _Eorclanstanas, or, The Hobbitiana_
      (1980), makes use of _óre_ in the spelling of _ómáryo_. Curiously, the
      tehta used there (as in the first occurrence of _yéni_ on the page) is
      a subscript inverted a-tehta. However, the usual underposed y-dots are
      used in the second _yéni_, _yuldar_, and _yassen_.

      > Moreover, at least as far as underposed dots are concerned, there is
      > more
      > room for them below óre! The combination rómen + Y-dots is somewhat
      > clumsy,
      > because of the downward curl of the Tengwa itself, whereas óre is
      > easily
      > combined with a couple of underposed dots. Is there any clear evidence
      > for
      > the _tyelpetéma_ use of óre rather than rómen in late Quenya -- about
      > contemporary with, or later than, the RGEO transcript?

      Taking a quick look through the unpublished tengwar materials, I don't
      see any examples that are demonstrably later than the RGEO transcript,
      but there are several post-LotR examples.

      Arden R. Smith erilaz@...

      Perilme metto aimaktur perperienta.
      --Elvish proverb

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