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4011RE: [elfscript] Re: Fencing T-Shirts: "Don' Touch Me!"

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  • Janice Steinheider
    Aug 2, 2004
      >I will work up a few ideas this weekend and send them out early during
      the week. Don't worry about a fee; this is just some fun stuff ... not
      "real work"! I'm not going to charge for something so
      uncomplicated. I do Elvish calligraphy because I enjoy it. If you want to
      see some samples of my tengwar calligraphy, I have some posted at two Polish

      wow, that's gorgeous! We would love to use some of your calligraphy. Thanks
      so much. So if you just want to send some pieces to the address that I
      listed before, that would be super! We'd be happy to send you a t-shirt in

      We have another question for everyone. We found this great silhouette of
      Frodo which we were thinking about including on the shirt as well. We
      realize that Frodo doesn't speak in Elfish, but he worked well with The Lord
      of the Rings theme as well as the fencing theme. (We changed his sword to a
      fencing blade.) Do you think this would work? Or should we just leave him
      off. We thought about including Legolas, but his weapon just didn't work as


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