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40Re: [elfscript] Tengwar Unicode comments

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  • Michael Everson
    Apr 25, 2000
      >Though it indeed is irrelevant, I would like to point out that in the
      >attested Sindarin mode where ómatehtar are used (see the third copy of
      >"The King's Letter") _númen_ actually represents /n/ and _óre_
      >represents word-final /r/. The unattested Sindarin mode used by Mr.
      >Everson is, if nothing else, a slight distraction and should therefore
      >be corrected.

      (Call me Michael.) I am only too delighted to be corrected.

      >2. "In Old English, the vowel preceding a consonant is written above it,
      >and following a consonant is written after it: [...] œÊre."
      >This is the case in the first version of "Edwin Lowdham's manuscript".
      >In the second version, the consonant is pronounced *before* all vowels
      >attached to it; if there is both a superscripted and a subscripted
      >ómatehta, they together represent a diphtong (as in _weorulde_).

      Hm. "In some styles of writing Old English"? I'll have to look at Lowdham

      >3. I very much doubt that xx32 TENGWAR LETTER ANNA SINDARINWA,
      >supposedly attested in the Moria Gate inscription, is a letter distinct
      >from xx16 TENGWAR LETTER ANNA. This decorative version of _anna_ simply
      >follows the general style of the characters in the inscription, as a
      >comparison with the samples of _númen_ and _vala_ should demonstrate.

      I agree, and thank you for pointing it out. In the Luthien MS there are
      also lots of these decorative serifs.

      >4. The title page Tengwar inscriptions in _The Silmarillion_ and _The
      >Lost Road_ were not written by Tolkien, and should thus not be treated
      >as reliable sources. From this follows that xx34 TENGWAR LETTER REVERSED
      >PARMA and xx35 TENGWAR LETTER REVERSED FORMEN should be removed (xx4B
      >TENGWAR SIGN RIGHT CURL BELOW is attested in "Edwin Lowdham's

      Arden Smith pointed out the Christopher Tolkien MSS. I don't know, what is
      consensus? Obviously we don't want to encode just any tengwa any body
      invented, but what about these?

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