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3911Re: Transcription Check

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  • berscub
    Jul 1, 2004
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      --- In elfscript@yahoogroups.com, "calwen76" <calwen.rudh@s...> wrote:
      > Sorry to say this, I'm going to sound rude probably, but this have
      > made me really sad and dissapointed. The 'ber4u' looks awful! How
      > you even think of using this shortening in the Elvish script, i.e.
      > a piece of ART that tend to use this beautiful tool called
      > in all means of the word...
      > Lucy

      Well, as I said, it was a screen name I was transcribing and that is
      the way his screen name
      reads. Would you have preferred me to transcribe it as _berforyou_,
      replacing the numeral
      4 and the letter _u_ with the full words? I have done that, and have
      a picture of it in the
      photo section called berforyou. I found the _for_ and _you_ in the
      Index of Significant
      Samples. As far as the other _ber4u_ is concerned, is it correct for
      what it is?

      Thank you,
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