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3906Re: I'm new, so that means I have questions!

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  • machhezan
    Jun 30, 2004
      sean white wrote:
      > et sin arcaure la loome

      Your transcription reads _ep sim av cauve laa looma_.

      ep: take tinco not parma
      sim: take nuumen not malta
      av: take oore not vala; join it with the following
      cauve: take roomen not vala
      laa: place the tehta on the lambe; remove the long carrier
      looma: take the acute tehta, not the three points

      The letter names I used for reference can be found in appendix E of
      the Lord of the Rings, but also in many places on the web, e.g. here:


      Some of the tehtar you've used could be placed more properly (that's
      why the standard fonts like the one you've used have four versions of

      I don't know any Elvish, so I can't tell you whether your translation
      is reasonable or not.

      j. 'mach' wust
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