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374Re: Names translation

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  • uialdil
    Dec 22, 2001
      Teithant Mike Abrigon:
      > > Like mine in Mike, but it is Michael, which is "Like on to God"
      > > or something. Actually more like "Like on to thr Lord". Which
      > > would be interesting to translate into Quenya and Tengwar. The
      > > version I did my self, changes Michael (Miikul) as something lime
      > > Kimbatul or like.
      > >
      > > Mike

      Actually, 'who is like unto God' is correct; 'El' means 'God' in Hebrew, no=
      t 'Lord' (which is 'Adonai'). According to Helge Hauskanger and Ales Bican, =
      'Manveru' is the Quenya translation for Michael. It is a contraction for 'Ma=
      n (nĂ¡) ve Eru' = 'Who (is) like God'. I trust their judgment. And it's cool =
      in tengwar!

      Cuio mae, Danny.
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