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3669Re: "I love you"

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  • calwen76
    Apr 4, 2004
      --- In elfscript@yahoogroups.com, Carl F. Hostetter <Aelfwine@e...>
      > On Apr 4, 2004, at 11:01 AM, morwen_eledhwen@m... wrote:
      > > I was wondering, how would it be said in Sindarin?
      > No one knows how it _would_ be said in Sindarin. At best, people
      > give their ideas about how it _might_ be said, based on such known
      > elements and patterns that can plausibly be brought to bear. For
      > example, one might propose:
      > *_Le melon_
      > using the attested Sindarin pronoun _le_ 'thee', the attested
      > verb-stem _mel-_ 'love', the attested 1st sg. ending _-on_ 'I', and
      > attested syntax _le linnon_ (though even this is problematic, as
      > may be a specifically dative form, unsuitable as the object of _mel-
      > But there is no guarantee at all that this is how Tolkien would
      > chosen to translate the phrase.
      > Please be aware that 99.44% of the time that anyone, even the
      > "experts", says "This is how you say X in Sindarin", it is in fact
      > exactly this sort of speculation, not at all certain (and very
      > not even very plausible). In fact, unless someone provides a page
      > citation for any claimed form or phrase, you can be all but certain
      > that it is unattested and pure speculation.
      > Carl Hostetter

      I forwarded my answer to this post to Elfling-d since this is not
      about the script anymore if anyone would be interested. :)

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