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3668Re: could someone please help me

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  • calwen76
    Apr 4, 2004
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      --- In elfscript@yahoogroups.com, d_daniel_andries@w... wrote:
      > Teithant Calwen Rûdh:
      > >Neil - Arato - the second A is long: _Aráto_
      > >Kelly - Ohtatyare 
      > >Joseph - Eruantano
      > >William - Niracas - the I is long as well: _Níracas_
      > >If someone could check it, that would be great since I'm still
      > >learning it.
      > Two corrections:
      > Ohtatyare - the 'h' should be written as 'aha', not 'hyarmen'
      > 't', 'h' = [x]).

      Oh, didn't realize that, I know nothing much about Quenya...

      > Níracas - the 's' should be written as 'silme' rather than 'silme
      > nuquerna' since it bears no tehta.

      Sure, stupid mistake.

      Thanks, Danny. I changed the pic, it's correct now (I hope). The link
      stays the same.

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