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  • calwen76
    Apr 1, 2004
      --- In elfscript@yahoogroups.com, "fouleviltemptress"
      <fouleviltemptress@y...> wrote:
      > I am wanting to get a necklace with or tattoo of my name, my
      > name and "I love you" written in elfscript, as we are both big fans
      > LOTR and find elfscript a beautiful text.
      > Unfortunately neither of us know elfscript to write it our selves.
      > I used a translator and found:
      > my name, "Phillippa Paterson" in Elven is "Nindë Eärfalas"
      > my partners "Brian Ridley" is "Maeglin Sindanárië"
      > "I love you" is "Amin mela lle".
      > Could anyone please write these in Elfscript (Quenya, Sindarian, or
      > whatever) for me? It would make a great annaversary gift and would
      > make my day.
      > thanks
      > Phillippa

      To write your names in Tengwar is not such a big deal but I have to
      comment the 'originals': first, Elves had no second names and if they
      had a surname (nickname) it was rather a name that was describing
      themselves or their deeds. Very few of living men have a surname that
      accidentaly meets the character of a person. E.g. my second name
      means _bald_ but my hair is quite long :) So I propose to use only
      your first names, which are:

      From www.behindthename.com:
      BRIAN   m   Irish, English
      The meaning of this name is not known for certain but it is possibly
      related to the Old Celtic element bre meaning "hill", or by
      extension "high, noble". Brian Boru was an Irish king who thwarted
      Viking attempts to conquer Ireland in the 11th century. He was
      victorious in the Battle of Clontarf, but he himself was slain.

      PHILIPPA   f   English, German, Greek
      Feminine form of PHILIP ->

      PHILIP   m   English, Biblical
      From the Greek name Philippos which means "friend of horses",
      composed of the elements philos "friend" and hippos "horse". Saint
      Philip was an apostle in the New Testament. This was also the name of
      an early figure in the Christian church spoken of in Acts in the New
      Testament. The name was borne by five kings of Spain, six kings of
      France, and five kings of Macedon, including Philip II the father of
      Alexander the Great.

      All right, so we have Q Roccondildeor Roccondilme for Phillippa and
      Poldon (probably, not certain) for Brian; and by my reconstruction
      (editing is most welcome) Sindarin: *Rochiel, *Rochien, *Rochwen for
      Phillippa and *Brannon, *Brennil for Brian.

      The ugly sentense you indicated as 'I love you' is not real Elvish
      but Grelvish. Don't use it, I beg you.

      I would propose to leave your names (if you wish to have your full
      names) and 'I love you' in English and to transcribe it in Tengwar
      (or Runes but I suppose that you like the Tengwar better). I can't
      help you with Quenya and Sindarin is not that much attested (although
      I would have an idea how to express this) so it won't be much
      certain. What do you think? :))

      Hope I haven't put you out of humour :)

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