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3643Help needed - Elfscript.

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  • fouleviltemptress
    Apr 1, 2004
      I am wanting to get a necklace with or tattoo of my name, my partners
      name and "I love you" written in elfscript, as we are both big fans of
      LOTR and find elfscript a beautiful text.
      Unfortunately neither of us know elfscript to write it our selves.

      I used a translator and found:
      my name, "Phillippa Paterson" in Elven is "Nindë Eärfalas"
      my partners "Brian Ridley" is "Maeglin Sindanárië"
      "I love you" is "Amin mela lle".

      Could anyone please write these in Elfscript (Quenya, Sindarian, or
      whatever) for me? It would make a great annaversary gift and would
      make my day.


      Email me at fouleviltemptress@... or reply here.
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