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3642could someone please help me

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  • stardykb
    Apr 1, 2004
      My husband died last year leaving me with 2 young sons who are
      obsessed with Lord of the Rings. I had a tattoo designed with all
      four of our names on it but they are determined i should have it
      written in elvish! This is all new to me and looks very complicated!
      I looked in a name book translator and our names translate into
      Neil - Arato
      Kelly - Ohtatyare
      Joseph - Eruantano
      William - Niracas
      I think this is the quenya dialect which seemed to have the most
      websites surrounding it. I would love it if someone would print it
      into elfscript for me, it really would mean a lot. If this is not
      possible, could you direct me to the best sites for me to look at
      (and the easiest,as i said this is all new to me!).

      Thanks for your help
      Kelly xxxx
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