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356Re: Devanagari: An Inspiration for the Tengwar?

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  • Abrigon
    Dec 15, 2001
      Well, what we call Hebrew (the script) is only one of many scripts the
      speakers of Hebrew have used from ancient Egyptian times to recent. To
      include the same used for Arabic (modern), as well as Aramaic (the
      original script they used was more closed in form, and they adopted
      the Aramaic form.

      Diecritical marks, well have been around for a while, mostly in lingos
      like Arabic and Hebrew as ways to show vowels and like that are often
      not needed by fluent readers of the above lingos.

      From memory diacritical marks for Hebrew/Arabic were not used much
      until sometime after the 16th century (I forget when).

      aka Morgoth, I like how it rolls of the tongue. And from what I can
      tell, it means like "Dark" "Goth(person)".
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