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  • eamner
    Mar 9, 2004
      Thanks for your kind answer. But, would you suggest any 'method' for
      adapting the dates of middle earth to fit in our age in order to
      translate, for example, this year? (2004). I know 2004 in middle
      earth is not the same that 2004 to us, but could there be
      any 'method' to adapt it? I just need an *aproximated* solution...
      My final goal -yes, this could seem a little cheesy- is this: I'm
      getting married in a few months, and, I'd like to write in our rings
      my name and my girlfriend's. I'd also like to write the date of the
      I knew from this page: http://www.elvish.org/elm/names/a.html, that
      our 'quenya' names would be something like Ertur (Eric) and Vanime
      (Kenna)... Using the "Yatt" program I wrote something like this: \-
      `V61U6 2{( yE5%t$-\ using tengwar fonts, it'd say "Ertur and Vanime".
      Please correct me if I'm wrong and thanks again.

      --- In elfscript@yahoogroups.com, "calwen76" <calwen.rudh@s...> wrote:
      > --- In elfscript@yahoogroups.com, "eamner" <eamner@t...> wrote:
      > > Hello. I'm new to this group, so excuse me if this is the wrong
      > place
      > > to post this question.
      > > I'd like to know how to write dates in Quenya (for example:
      > > 01/05/2004).
      > > Thanks in advance...
      > >
      > > eamner.
      > Yap, this group discusses writing systems. But to answer your
      > question, don't forget that in Middle-earth there are
      > different 'reckoning' systems, e.g. today is 17. Suulime in the
      > United Kingdom and 27. Coire in Imladris. :) For more info, have a
      > look at the Appendix D in the Lord of the Rings/ Return of the
      King -
      > Calendars.
      > Lucy
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